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We offer window cleaning, pressure washing, screen repair and replacement, awning cleaning and more. 
We understand how important it is to have someone trustworthy and competant clean your home or office windows.  We have seen the results and heard the horror stories of having unqualified window cleaning work done:  Standing on kitchen sinks to reach a window while stepping on and cracking the plumbing, flooding the kitchen, sweeping dead flies off the ledges onto beds and furniture, dragging water hoses over and across flowers and landscaped yards, tracking mud throughout a home, breaking screens, rudeness, to having brand new employees "learn the ropes" on your dime.  These few examples stand out to us because they are unnacceptable to us.



Do you have "foggy windows?"  Most failed windows are due to age, poor manufacturing, or heat from the sun expanding and contracting the seal around the frame of glass.   Sometimes they may be covered under warranty but not always.  It is also sometimes difficult to tell if a window has a bad seal, especially if the glass is dirty.  A lot of times defects are only seen once the glass is cleaned.  Most of the failed window panes tend to be facing south/southwest into the sun, where they expand and contract and eventually wear out.