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Dirty solar panels can have effeciency losses over 40%.  Dry areas, minimal tilt, pollution, and substances like bird droppings all lead to decreased electrical effeciency.  You may think that rain can clean solar panels, but this is not necessarily the case.  Rain can carry pollutants and mineral deposits that can build up on solar panels.  This is why the panels need to be cleaned with purified water and brushed to put the dirt and pollutants into solution to be rinsed.  Avoid using regular tap water as it can leave white mineral stains just like window glass.  Our pricing will more than pay for the cleaning in increased effeciency.



Before:                                                                            After:

IMG_0388.JPG                                                    IMG_0386.jpg

Solar clouding (dirty solar panels) directly reduces effeciency of your solar panels. The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) says that even slightly dirty solar panels will reduce effeciency by 10%. They further state that electricity output will decline 15-20% in rural farming areas where dust/bird droppings accumulate. Regular maintenance costs are far less that the cost of reduced electricity output.   We guarantee that the increase in effeciency will more than pay for the cost of cleaning your solar panels!   We have not found any other competitors that offer this guarantee.